Houston Aeros Introduce New Box Lacrosse League!

The Houston Aeros of the American Hockey League have played a major role in Houston amateur sports. With the growing number of athletes participating in box lacrosse, the Aeros are excited to announce a partnership with the Houston Lacrosse Community by forming the Houston Aeros Box Lacrosse League. The Aeros have a track record of success with their award-winning Houston Hockey Series (a league for amateur adult hockey players), the ISHL All-Star event, and several other events they host throughout the season.

Included in the player’s registration with the Aeros Box Lacrosse League will be tickets to Aeros games, merchandise, a league-dedicated web-site for stats, as well as a fun environment to play lacrosse. The Aeros are creating a one of a kind experience for all Lacrosse enthusiasts. If you would like more information about this winter league, contact Austin Atwood at aatwood@aeros.com or 713-361-7951 or contact Brandon Brignac at Bbrignac@aeros.com or at 713-361-7930!

By aeros2012

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